Our Diferential

Culture of Learning:

Structured Pre-training: the participants' preparation to absorb new information, abilities and behaviors in a way to guarantee that the training meets the proposed results;

Favorable Environment: the participants' involvement in a productive way (result of extensive living in room), promoting, this way, the wish of interaction and cooperation;

Solid methodology for learning transfer: processing of information, through support materials carefully designed, transforming them in day-to-day applicable knowledge;

Modular and Flexible Solutions: appropriate deployment at the customer's availability, adapting the content to the it's specific needs;

Reaction evaluation: analysis of relevance and the impact of new knowledge on the participant;

Diagnostic Consultancy: we believed that our deep knowledge of the financial industry, management and telecommunication are priceless assets in diagnosis of needs.

International Programs: our vision of the need of having prepared people to manage and lead breakthrough teams, led AMF to include in its portfolio, international workshops with relevant and clearly aligned content to market reality.